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AiBOT RC520A |AGAMA Robotic Vacuum

If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum to take care of your floors when you’re not around, then the AGAMA AiBOT RC520A robotic vacuum is prefect for you. The powerful intake is perfect for picking up dirt, dust, or hair. AiBOT RC520A has programmed navigation paths to clean, just select the run time setting for your room size. The long lasting rechargeable battery lets you clean 2~4 rooms. The built-in sensors prevent it from falling down stairs. The LED indicator will remind you when the dust bin is full. It also uses an electrostatic mopping technique for perfect dust cleaning besides vacuuming. So check with your salesperson for more information about the AiBOT RC520A.

  • Powerful intake for perfect cleaning
  • Compact size design – perfect for home, easy to store
  • Returns automatically to recharge
  • Remote control guides AiBOT in any direction
  • Multiple cleaning program for every day of the week
  • Two run time settings depending on room size  

    Model Name

    RC 310A

    RC 320A

    RC 520A


    RC 320A-1

    Navigating path

    Size (vacuum cleaner)

    276 D x 81 H mm

    285 D x 80 H mm

    340 D x 100 H mm

    Size (docking station)



    270 H x 82 W x 92 D mm

    Weight (with battery)



    3.3 / 0.3 (docking)KG

    Charging input power
    (switching adaptor)

    DC 9 Volt 300mA

    DC 19 Volt 600mA

    DC 30 Volt 1000mA

    Unit power consumption

    12.5 Watts

    20-25 Watts

    20-25 Watts


    ABS, PP

    ABS, PP


    Side Brushes




    Mopping Function




    Auto Cut-off


    Cleaning Functions




    Run Time Setting



    30 min/60 min




    Auto Charging



    Remote Control



    Trash LED Indicator



    Suction Power



    17W /7.5W

    Dust Capacity

    200 ml

    200 ml

    250 ml

    Working Area (Approx.)

    30 m²

    60 m²

    100 m²

    Working Times (Approx.)

    60 min±10%

    60 min±10%

    60 /120 min ±10%

    Battery Capacity

    1200 mA Ni-MH

    2000 mA Ni-MH

    2600 mA Ni-MH

    Packaging Info

    Model Name

    Package contents

    WEEE infomation


    1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    2. Rechargeable Battery pack:
      Ni-MH 2600mA
    3. Docking Station
    4. Remote Control (with Battery)
    5. Dust Holder
    6. Side Brushes: 2pcs
    7. Adaptor
    8. Filter: 2pcs
    9. Dusting Paper: Three sheets
    1. Color box size : 340(H) x 486(L) x  116(W)
    2. Q’ty / Carton: 4pcs
    3. Carton Dimension:
    4. 484 H x 353 W x 500 D mm / 3.01 Cuft
    5. 20” Container : 1008pcs
    6. 40”HQ Container : 3024pcs

    Part No.



    4710268 234999


    091163 234999

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